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Building tomorrow's aerospace and defence enterprise

In an industry that is innovative by design and volatile by nature, enterprises are faced with a two-pronged mission 'soar higher while getting leaner' – grow their businesses and reduce operational costs.

On one hand, enterprises must bring to value decades of investment in new product launches, surge ahead with global development and delve deeper into alternative fuels research. The on-ground reality – combating rising fuel prices, complying with regulations and expediting fleet optimization. To build for tomorrow, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and partners need to realize business value from every technological opportunity on their radar.

Challenges and opportunities

Global product development: With global engineering, enterprises can harness the need for global integration in design and engineering, to adjust product life cycles. Global growth presents itself in the form of emerging economies, which in addition to being supply and service bases, are strong growth markets for civilian and defence aircraft procurements. Finally, global optimization by implementing lean models holds the key to more productivity.

Stringent regulations: In addition to battling cyber threats, organizations are also faced with weighing sourcing decisions against counter-trade strategy and export compliance. Given the nature of the business, security will always remain top priority and the role of technology as a ‘silver bullet’ is critical – whether it’s implementing fail-safe security management, or keeping pace with regulations.

Efficient aftermarket services: With profitability being a concern for airlines, enterprises need to maximize value by going ‘beyond repair’ in a market that demands more attention. This strategy can extend to simplifying airplane maintenance, enhancing collaboration in peer communities, offering innovative solutions like pay-per-flying-hour, and providing quick self-service customer solutions.

How Infosys delivers business value

Infosys is helping aerospace and defence clients perform to optimum levels with solutions and services in three ways – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations through lean processes.


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