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Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) practice combines global sourcing and delivery capabilities to offer flexible and cost-efficient solutions for acquiring, administering and developing talent. Our componentized HRO offerings enable customers to embark on the HRO journey easily and realize benefits promptly. Through our transformational expertise, our customers save up to 40% on operational costs and enhance productivity by up to 30%. Our suite of innovative tools measure and improve HR/ business metrics.

Our offerings

At Infosys, our experts help extract insights from both quantitative and qualitative data. We provide a range of services, including research, reporting and visualization, data analysis, and advanced analytics services.

Our key enablers that deliver measurable business value for clients are:

  • Differentiated talent, with the capability to collaborate and consult with key business personas in the client organization
  • Proven expertise in tools and frameworks, which enables transformation of data into user-specific and decision-context-specific insights
  • Ability to deliver value on an enterprise scale, using technology that enables scalable implementation of insights-driven decisions into core business processes

Our Strategic Insights basket comprises three focused offerings: 

  • Insight Desk- This offering focuses on business outcomes. As an extension of the client's business team, we deliver actionable insights based on multiple tools, analytical capabilities and pre-built IP. The desk also collaborates closely with the technology and business functions of client businesses in the execution of insights that help realize value.
  • Maketing Intelligence - This offering answers strategic business questions, using primary and secondary research methodologies — wherein expert opinion, public information, and proprietary data are synthesized and presented. Market Intelligence provides support for business research, investment research, and private equity research across industries. 
  • Reporting Factory - This offering helps develop and deliver scalable reporting and visualization services to support business users across functions — even as the integrated BI roadmap of an organization evolves. It combines the best practices around agile methodology to deliver immediate results. Reporting Factory also standardizes techniques to reduce the number of reports and commercial spreadsheet proliferations, and helps devise innovative approaches to ensure business adoption.

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