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Companies today face an ever-changing landscape of macroeconomic realities, industry trends and internal challenges. Bluebell’s business & operating model services help you anticipate industry trends & create resilient and flexible business models to deliver the best strategic outcomes.

Challenges and opportunities

Data Analystics:Turn raw data into actionable information presented in an easy-to-understand tabular or graphical format to facilitate the decision-making process.Advanced analyses usually require the identification and integration of data coming from distributed sources as well as the application of complex queries, ad hoc queries, statistical models, reporting and visualization techniques. Among the many applications of advanced data-driven analytics are CRM analyses such as market basket analysis, profitability analysis, campaign analysis, sales analysis, or returns analysis.We will work with you to select, design, and implement analytical solutions customized to the specific information needs of your decision-makers.

Armed with more information than ever thanks to technology, they shop anytime, anywhere and with anyone they choose. Moreover, choice, convenience and service mean just as much to them as price. Evolving customer demands are driving retailers to tailor their offerings, expand into new business segments and enhance customer touch points.


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Moreover, a growing numbers of retailers are going international—and small wonder. Home markets are saturated, but markets near and far, particularly in emerging economies, still offer white space. The world’s largest retailers are entering more and more countries, thus deploying the right operating model is essential to drive profitable growth across these diverse and dynamic markets. This Bluebell point-of-view offers ideas and best practice to get started—and stay ahead of the curve.

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